About me

My name is Niall,

I am a researcher working at the École normale supérieure in Paris. I am interested in combining different cosmological data together using statistical and machine learning methods to: (1) understand the Universe, & (2) quantify our understanding the Universe.

To quantify understanding I am interested in a Bayesian interpretation of artificial intelligence methods.

I am also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in London.

My research is about cosmology. Cosmology is the study of the largest scales in the Universe; the longest times and the furthest distances. There are a huge number of unsolved problems, which require an understanding of fundamental physics and its relationship to data.

My personal research covers gravitational lensing, galaxy surveys, the cosmic microwave background and statistical methods. This is primarily to study Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

Before my PhD at University College London (UCL), I did an MSci (Master in Science) degree in “Physics and Theoretical Physics” at Imperial College London.

To contact me

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